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John Ryland Scott



Pedigree Chart
Included in charts - listsAdams - Descendants of Henry Adams b. 1772
Adams - Descendants of William James Adams b. 1716
Allen - Descendants of Reynolds Allen b. 1755
Baker - Descendants of Morris Baker b. 1750
Barnett - Descendants of Joseph Barnett b. 1758
Blackwell - Descendants of James Blackwell b. 1754
Booker - Descendants of William F Booker b. 1771
Brooks - Descendants of Thomas Brooks b. 1710
Burgess - Descendants of Edward Burgess b. 1739
Canterberry - Descendants of Samuel Canterberry b. 1728
Christian - Descendants of Nathaniel Christian b. 1720
Cole - Descendants of William Cole b. 1755
Corley - Descendants of Robert Corley b. 1721
Descendants of Abraham Darnell b. ca 1743
Descendants of Alexander McCain (McKean) b. 1675
Descendants of Alexander McCain (McKean) b. 1752
Descendants of Arthur R E Forbis b. ca 1723
Descendants of Bayly Scott, b. 1728
Descendants of Edward Douglas - Jamestowne Burgess - 1644, 1646
Descendants of Fielding Barrom b. 1759
Descendants of Hardy Gilstrap Jr b. ca 1766
Descendants of Isaac Goar b. 1760
Descendants of James Francis Anderson b. ca 1726
Descendants of James Howell, b. 1760
Descendants of James Odom b. 1753
Descendants of Jesse Staton, b. ca 1740
Descendants of John Bond - Jamestowne Burgess (1654-62)
Descendants of John Chandler Jackson b. 1757
Descendants of John Cockrill b. ca 1757
Descendants of John Jacob Chambers b. ca 1750
Descendants of John Jacob Reinhart b. 1730
Descendants of John Kinkead b. 1736
Descendants of John Love b. ca 1792
Descendants of John Mapp b. 1733
Descendants of John Savage b. ca 1700
Descendants of John Shirley b. 1725
Descendants of John Stringer - Jamestowne Burgess - 1659 - 1662
Descendants of John Wilkins - Jamestowne Resident at Muster of 1624/25 - Burgess 1632/3, 1642
Descendants of John Woodson - Jamestowne Resident at Muster of 1624/25
Descendants of Jonas Meador, b. 1698
Descendants of Jordan Watson b. 1773
Descendants of Josiah Gayle b. ca 1720
Descendants of Marcom Manning b. 1730
Descendants of Nathaniel Lancaster b. ca 1734
Descendants of Nicholas Johnson b. ca 1713
Descendants of Nicholas Meriwether - Jamestowne Resident 1661, 1666 Clerk of General Court 1655
Descendants of Obedience Robins - Jamestowne Councillor - 1655/6 - 1660
Descendants of Owen Scott, b. 1614 in Ireland
Descendants of Peter Gilstrap Jr b. ca 1735
Descendants of Thomas Davis b. ca 1739
Descendants of Thomas Jones b. 1723
Descendants of Thomas Meriweather b. 1714
Descendants of Thomas Morton b. 1726
Descendants of Thomas Savage - Jamestowne Resident at Muster of 1624/25 - Ancient Planter
Descendants of Thomas Watson b. 1735
Descendants of Thomas Wisdom b. 1740
Descendants of William Bibby - Jamestowne Resident at Muster of 1624/25 - First Families of Virginia
Descendants of William Franklin Alexander b. ca 1739
Descendants of William Jones - Jamestowne Burgess - 1652, 1659
Descendants of William McMurry b. 1725
Descendants of William Peak b. ca 1732
Gaines - Descendants of Bernard Gaines b. 1650
Glaze - Descendants of Jacob Glaze b. 1773
Goode - Descendants of Edward Goode b. 1748
Greer - Descendants of Aquilla Greer b. 1719
Hamilton - Descendants of Francis Hamilton b. 1759
Harvie - Descendants of John Harvie b. 1704
Hawkins - Descendants of John Hawkins b. 1721
Jackson - Descendants of Joseph Jackson b. 1760
Jennifer Young Ancestors
Jennings - Descendants of John Jennings b. 1743
Marks - Descendants of Hastings Marks b. 1694
Martin - Descendants of Samuel Martin b. 1732
Maxwell - Descendants of William Maxwell b. 1749
Redmond - Descendants of Thomas Redmond b. 1745
Relationship to Dr. John Woodson (Jamestown)
Relationship to Edward Douglas (Burgess at Jamestown)
Relationship to Ensign Thomas Savage (Ancient Planter)
Relationship to John Bond (Burgess at Jamestown)
Relationship to John Stringer (Burgess at Jamestown)
Relationship to John Wilkins (First Families of Virginia)
Relationship to Nicholas Meriwether, Jamestowne Resident 1661, 1666, Clerk of General Court 1655
Relationship to Obedience Robins (First Families of Virginia)
Relationship to Thomas Hunt (Gentleman, Old Plantation Creek)
Relationship to William Bibby (First Families of Virginia)
Relationship to William Jones (Burgess at Jamestown)
Relationship to William the Conqueror
Siniard - Descendants of Jonathan Siniard b. 1710
Smith - Descendants of Benjamin Smith b. 1757
Starkey - Descendants of John Starkey b. 1716
Stringer - Descendants of Reuben Stringer b. 1755
Townsend - Descendants of John Townsend b. 1708
Walker - Descendants of William Walker b. 1735
Watts - Descendants of John Watts b. 1700
Webb - Descendants of Robert Webb b. 1759
Williams - Descendants of Samuel Williams b. 1755
Y-DNA Line Proven
RelationshipSon of Charles Ryland ("Ryland") Scott
Son of Carol Jay Gilstrap
Uncle of Isaac Silas Vaughn
Father of Katherine Gilstrap Scott
Father of Joseph Ryland Scott
Father of Charles Parker ("Parker") Scott
Uncle of Orly Marie Vaughn
Uncle of Avital Catherine Vaughn

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John Ryland Scott, MD


Person SourceJohn Ryland Scott had person sources.1
DNA VerifiedY DNA matches through John Ryland Scott
Educationbetween 1975 and 1989He was educated between 1975 and 1989 at The Westminster SchoolsBG in Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, United StatesBGO.
GraduationJune 1989He graduated in June 1989 at The Westminster SchoolsBG in Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, United StatesBGO.
Educationbetween 1989 and 1993He was educated between 1989 and 1993 at Washington & Lee UniversityBG in Lexington, Rockbridge, Virginia, United StatesBG.
GraduationJune 1993He graduated in June 1993 at Washington & Lee UniversityBG in Lexington, Rockbridge, Virginia, United StatesBG.
Educationbetween 1993 and 1997He was educated between 1993 and 1997 at Emory Medical SchoolBG in Atlanta, Dekalb, Georgia, United StatesBG.2
Graduation12 May 1997He graduated on 12 May 1997 at Emory Medical SchoolBG in Atlanta, Dekalb, Georgia, United StatesBG.
Occupationbetween 2003 and 2020Between 2003 and 2020 John Ryland Scott was a General Surgeon at Harbin ClinicBG in Rome, Floyd, Georgia, United StatesBGO.
AnecdoteJune 2019Awarded 2019 HCA Healthcare Doctor Frist Humanitarian Award

Like HCA Healthcare co-founder Dr. Thomas Frist Sr., Dr. J. Ryland Scott brings a relentless commitment to both his surgical work and to the greater community of Rome, Georgia. In addition to his professional duties, Dr. Scott has participated in several international medical missions, is a founding board member of Restoration Rome, and together with his wife is a foster parent and founding co-chair of a local Young Life chapter.

"I believe in servant leadership," Dr. Scott says. ‘Im not concerned with keeping score-unless it involves patient outcomes. I've found that if you work hard for the right reasons, people can see your heart and will trust you. In the medical field, we need to remember why we all answered this call in the first place: patient care.”

That commitment led to his recognition as a Frist Humanitarian Award recipient.

"Honestly, there are moments, in the middle of the night when the ER is calling or when I'm missing a milestone in my kids' lives due to a surgical emergency, that make me question my job," Dr. Scott says. "But the reality is, I cannot imagine enjoying anything else more.”

And Jennifer and Ryland Scott have plenty of family events to juggle. The couple, with three children of their own, has welcomed eight foster children into their home over the last four years.

"One of the greatest misconceptions is that foster kids are 'bad,' or somehow complicit in their situation,'' says Dr. Scott. "They're just children caught up in circumstances beyond their control and in need of normalcy, structure and love.”

Locally, Dr. Scott also works with Restoration Rome, a project founded by his friends Mary Margaret and Jeff Mauer that provides healthcare support for the underserved, education and mentoring, parenting and family/foster family support, mental health services and substance abuse intervention. "I've served as a volunteer, but I'm mostly an ambassador and cheerleader for their vision and tremendous work," he says.

Farther afield, Dr. Scott has taken mission trips throughout the United States and abroad. "The over­arching theme of these experiences is the recognition that every community has its own unique needs, yet the ability to serve is universal. I want to share our material blessings, showing our children the world outside their bubble and enriching their ability to learn from others in different circumstances.”
Anecdote8 February 2020Ryland & Jennifer awarded "Heart of the Community" couple
Anecdote13 May 2023Dr. Scott and his wife, Jennifer, are the parents of Kate ('23), Parker ('23) and Ryland ('23). A bariatric and general surgeon, he was born and raised in Atlanta and educated at The Westminster Schools. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Washington & Lee
Last Edited28 April 2023


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